Labia reduction

The labia have the function of protecting the vagina from foreign bodies and infections. A distinction is drawn between the labia majora and the labia minora. The outer major labia usually cover up the smaller inner labia. But the size relation is occasionally reversed and the inner labia are clearly visible from outside as a result of excessive skin tissue. Patients frequently complain of feelings of shame or even physical limitations. Sports such as horseback riding or cycling and wearing tight clothing can cause wounds. With a labia reduction, the labia minora are reduced by means of a small, wedge-shaped excision. The procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia. The duration of this outpatient operation ranges from 30 to 45 minutes; an inpatient stay is not necessary.
Age-induced atrophy of the labia majora can be rejuvenated by means of replenishment with very slowly reabsorbable materials, such as Makrolane® (by the company Q-med). This type of esthetic surgery is currently enjoying unimagined popularity in the United States.

Goal of the operation:

  • Visual harmonization of the vaginal region
  • Rectification of psychological and physical problems
  • The intimate region appears younger and more attractive


A brief overview:

  • Anesthesia: local anesthetic
  • Inpatient stay at the clinic: no inpatient stay at the clinic
  • Follow-up check-up: regular
  • Compression girdle: none
  • Scar formation: hardly visible
  • Work ability: after 1-2 days
  • Exercise: after 2-3 weeks